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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 19, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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will. what a no fly zone does and goes is anyone's guess. that could equal gag mire. >> it was a quagmire in iraq. we saved the curd's lives by keeping saddam's aircraft out of the northern area. but didn't change the dynamics on the ground. it will not change it over there in libya. we have to praise the french for standing up and being the first to fight. they are indeed good allies of ours. but in the end of the day. u.s. forces will nuteralize the aircraft of the libyans and other people are not going to commit to the ground and i fear al-gaddafi's forces are going to prevail over the long term unless we find a better way to support the resistance on the ground. >> neil: cornel. we are watching the opening statement. that is watch because i don't understand portuguese.
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i apologize . the other bad news, is no one understands portuguese. >> neil: i -- know. this is the longest opening statement on the part of a foreign leader in the history of man. but the president is down there and we are told hillary clinton secretary of state did brief him on these talks going on with the french president nicholas sarkozy and many are saying that hillary clinton are sounding the clarion call and leading that in the administration, what do you think of that? >> it is apparent france is taking the leading role. they demonstrated they are committed to doing something and we hope that our european alleys and alleys in the africa will end up being the ones and our egyptian friends and the ones who are providing tharps and material and communication support that the people on the ground need. that is where we may see this
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going. >> we are hearing from a lot of folks in congress and namely republicans saying we have to rethink the aid provided to the region. >> neal, we heard that the egyptian supported the resistance move and we are, hillary clinton made a comment that the u.n. resolution said the u.s. can support with aid and equipmentment that comment was made because we provide to the egyptians and they will funnel it in. the question whether or not it will get there in time or not. >> neil: for the president on that message. less foreign aid? >> i am sorry, for the president on that is more to egypt and a lot of that stuff will be below the radar screen. >> neil: the reason i asked ralm paul and others rethink the foreign aid and we beat on
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the wrong horse as it is . it is a zero sum game. >> he's right. people need to realize that foreign aid is spent here in the united states. when we talk about foreign aid in terms of military equipment going to other countries, people need to understand that money is spent here in america industry and dollars for the american workers and corporation equipment that moves over. it is not like we run over with suitcases of money. we do that also but one part of foreign aid is helpful to the u.s. and we would be slipping things to the egyptian under the radar creen and everybody will not see it with the sole purpose of getting it in the other countries . making sure it gets to those who are fighting against al-gaddafi since we are not committed to fight against al-gaddafi on the ground. >> neil: the president is with the president of brazil and in
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brazialian we would normally go to her but she speaks fort gease and as a result we are not aware of an interperter. but she is commending the president and his efforts to lead a global recovery and the brave steps he has take tone do so. we are just a bit of a background on her. 36th president of brazil and the first woman to lead the country it is interesting, not that many years ago she was in jail for leftist and violent movement that she had no direct relationship with. but the country elected her appreciatably. she is greeted favorably in brazil but her tough love did not extent to the business community. she is proponent of oil exploration and energy alternative. that is your kind of lady.
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>> that's my kind of lady and who surprised me and able to be electted the lulu, the former deckitator. he was going to come in with a beret and make the people change the underwear four times a day. like the movie bananas. >> neil: right. >> and woody allen walking by. but the fact is, this is a guy who showed remarkable leadership and i cannot wreck this country and he did so many pro business things that no one thought he would do. >> neil: he took his cues and passed them to her. argentina and how the government centralized everything and torpeded it. his advice to her. this is what i started. i think we ought to try the free market principle and steer toward getting it
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corrected now. >> that is a great. it was the 10th largest in the world and corruption and mismanagement and they face off of the map. fantastic and chilly is fantastic. we have seen the countries that had left socialist guys in for decades and they go the exact opposite way. they brought in a guy who created the card trea. can you imagine that be elected in america. nevertheless they saw the wisdom in saying let's leave it alone and try to change our lives. >> neil: it is not a rhetoric but they don't practice it aggressively . >> china is a communist country but it is all about empowering people. >> neil: to the president's point, you make good points. you generate jobs, do you? >> good business deals in
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brazil. ias, absolute this is why people can't understand why it is so long with the agreements . columbia and south korea . what takes so long to cut the deal alleys and benefit both countries. it makes a lot of sense and take your cue. they watched us and japan and the west and all of the mistakes that we have made. heav indebtedness and programs that don't work and they watched it closely . they're ready to leap in our place and avoid the mistakes. >> neil: our shot went down of the president. i don't know if the brazilian president stop speaking. we lost the feed . so this is technically not a good day for me. i do want you to know that we are efforting. i always loved that word. efforting to get the shot back. the consolation here, folks everyone lost it. it was not like try to screw
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up neal's. but everyone went down. my buddy is trying to make sense of it for you. a lot of folks are nervous about their money and libya and japan and a lot of them say take the money out and sit tight. what do you tell them? >> it is a tough one, neal . throughout the incredible rally for march 2009, overwhelming majority of americans missed. >> neil: we have the president of the united states. i apologize for here it is. >> the world's premier formum of global economic to make sure that nations like brazil have a greater voice. that's why we worked to increase brazil's voit and role in international financial institutions and it is why i have come to brazil today.
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president rusi and i believe that this visit a historic opportunity to put brazil and united states on a path to come. today we are seeing the opportunity. madum president thank you for your strong personal commitment to strengening the ties. we are expanding trade and investment and create jobs in both our countries. brazil is one of our largest trading partners and still so much more that we can do. later today the president and i will meet with business leaders in our two counselries to linn and find very concrete steps to take and to expand our relationship economically. we'll announce a series of new agreements and new economic and financial dialogue to promote trade and treme line and expand collaboration in
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science and technology. brazil prepares to host the world cup and summer lim lips which still hurts for me to say, we are ensuring that american companies can play a role will in the many infrastructure that is needed to play the games. we are creating a new energy dialogue to make sure the highest levels of our governments are working together to seize new opportunities in particular with the new oil finds off brazil. the president said brazil wants to be a major supplier of new stable sources of energy and i told her that the united states wants to be a major customer which would be a win-win for both of our countries. at the same time we are expanding the cleann energy that vital to long-term security . as a leader in biofuels and part of the energy and climate
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and partnership of americas that i proposed, brazil is sharing the expertise around the region and world and the new green economy die log will deepen our cooperation in green buildings and sustainable development. on the security front, our militaries are working more sleese closely to respond to humanitarian crisis as we did together in haiti. our laww enforcement communs are partnering against the travelers that threaten all of us. brazil is joining the international effort to prevent nuclear smuggling through ports. i thanked the president for brazil's leadership to establishing a new regional center to promote excellence in nuclear security and as a member of the human rights council, brazil joined with us in condemning human rights abuses by lib yampt i want to briefly mention the situation in libya because
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this is something that i have discussed with the president. yesterday the international community demanded an immediate seize fire in libya including the attacks against civiliance end . secretary of state clinon joined the european and arab partner in paris to discuss how we will enforce the council 1973. our consensus is strong and our resolve is clear. people of libya must be protect in the absence of the immediate end of the violence against civilians, our coais prepared to act and i am briefing the president here on the steps we are taking. finallyy i am especially pleased that the united states and brazil are joining together to announce development and democratic governments beyond our hemisphere.
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i announced open government and new technologies that empower citizens aroundd the world. today bee are launching new effort to help other countries battle corruption and prevent child labor and exappending food security and agricultural development in africa. i believe that this is just the beginning of what our two countries can do together in the world. that's why the united states will continue our efforts to make sure that the new reality of the 21st century are reflected in institutional -- international institutions including the united nations where brazil aspires for a skeet on the council. the united states will work with brazil and reforms that make the security council more effective and efficient and advance our shared vision of a more secure and peaceful world. so, again, with today's progress, i believe we have
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laid the fownation for greater cooperation between the united states and brazil for decades to come. i want to thank president rusif for the leadership and making this progress possible. i have not known madam president, long, but i can tell in speaking to her, the extraordinary passion she has for providing opportunity for all of the people of brazil. lifting everyone up . that is a passion that i share with respect to my citizens in the united states, my fellow citizen united states of america. so i am confident guin the shared spirit and camaraderie that exists not only in our levels, but among our peoples, that we are going to continue to make progress for a long time to come. i am looking forward to visiting rio, tomorrow and the
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opportunity to speak to the brazilian people about what our countries can do together as global partner in the 21st century. thank you so much. [applause] >> neil: we are waiting to see if they are going to take any questions. no, they are not going to take questions it is something that the brazilian president didn't want to do a lot of you had said you knew you had a fort gease speaking president. why didn't fox prepare a portuguese interpreter. whether the president is in china or japanese delegation or interpreter an interpreter is there. i can take solace in the fact that other news networks had
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interperators as well they are readily provided at these events for such moments. of course not today. updating you. that the president smoke with hillary clinton and had been apprised of the latestt developments led by nicholas sarkozy, the french president to crack down on what many to be the world consider the largest crack pot. al-gaddafi . a no fly zone. the planes are there and american planes are in short order will be there. crack down is real and dealing with the crack pot, well, we just don't know. thank you very much for joining us over the extend cost of the freedom hours. we wanted to keep you abreast of development political world and certainly in the business world and we hope we served both of those audiences today
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and appreciate the normal cost of the freedom audience. that is it here . now to my friend in washington. >> we pick it up with the continuing live coverage of the breaking news out of libya. al-gaddafi's broke the seize fire. french percent nicholas sarkozy said they have begon the no fly zone . president obama is in brazil. here's the latest from peter. >>reporter: that's right. uma. the president coming out and with the comment the president of brazil did mention libya and the situation in libya for a few moments there, he said that the consense us is trong and resolve is clear to move ahead with the international coalition that enforced the new u.n. rez lusionn against libya to create a new flyy zone and protect civilians.
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we are waiting on secretary of state clinton who is meeting with the other allios this in paris this morning. she is about to make comment to the press and we will hear more specifics about the u.s. role. the president said they would not put ground troop in libya, but it is expected that the united states will take a support role for the other nations that create and maintain the no fly zone . we are reporting that french planes are in the sky over libya and report that is italian planes are over the sky at this hour. we are waitog secretary clinton in paris to share more details that she had with the president of germany, france and other countries on moving forward in implementing the u.n. resolution. >> hillary clinton has been watching the developments from brazil from president obama
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and she will be speaking later withs and when she does, we'll bring comments to you live. rick is live in libya the latest. he joinns us now, rick? >>reporter: uma, the help can't come soon enough for the people of benghazi and lib yampt al-gaddafi's army began to move in on benghazi and shelling citizens there. we witnessed it for ourselves. shells landed within a couple yards of the hotel that housed journalist in benghazi. we saw al-gaddafi's tanks advancing on the bridge and firing away . opposition fighters had one tank of their own and returned the fire. our photographer was over the roof as a jet flow over and antiaircraft fire hit the jet. you can see the impact and the jet nose dived in a
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neighborhood in southern benghazi. that jet exploded in a ball of fire. there was a number of fires burning in benghazi this morning and many of the million residents who hadn't already left, left after the fighting began. the road behind me was choked with cars throughout the day. residents and little children and some of them leaving benghazi because of the violence. but we heard a lot of selabraatory gunfire and victory signs and rebel fighters heading in the other direction and saying they were not giving up the battle and they would retake benghazi . the last word we had was that al-gaddafi's tanks and troops may have with drawn back to where they came from south of the city. where they are repositioning for another strike remains to be seen. there are french aircraft and reconplanes patrolling the skies over libya and fighter jets ready to strike targets
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on the ground. uma? >> we are waiting to hear from secretary of state hillary clinton. setet scene of what is going on behind you. you talk about the long gas lines. are people panicking after what just happened in benghazi there and what are they saying to you at this moment? well, i hadn't seen a traffic gym sal in a week. but this morning we did. many vehicles flood the one open highway. the coastal road oust benghazi to the east. i wouldn't call it panic, but people knew it was time to get out. that is not to say they will not go back and many of them will go back in the city when it is safe to do so. they were upset al-gaddafi's troops advanced in the opposition stronghold but not surprised because they know that al-gaddafi had said one thing is come done another throughoutt the campaign . last night al-gaddafi's
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government said on live television they had troops and tanks staged outside of benghazi. they said they would observe the seize fire. residents know that al-gaddafi lied to them in the past and not surprised he lide again and his troops advancod the city. this gas station is packed with vehicles as people gas up on the way out of town. it is a pretty raucus crowd and a lot of gunfire and here it is cell braatory gunfire and not trying to wage an attack. we are significantly east of benghazi. >> thank you, rick. we are waiting to hear from hillary clinton who will be speaking in a moment and joinning us in the studio to talk about the situation that is developing in libya. former libya ambassador to the u.s.. thank you for joining us and you are watching the developments as they unfolded in the last 24 hours and you
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resigned after the bloody crack down against your people from the al-gaddafi government. no flyy wrone is now in place. do you think it goes far enough. >> no fly zone is not enough. libyan people need to be protected from al-gaddafi alstillery and al-gaddafi himself . we are not safe if this man is around. no fly zone is okay it is good. but action must be taken and we have waited for a long time for this to be put in force. unfortunately, i thought it would be a better night than before. i find myself benghazi and other cities around are subject to heavy artillery of al-gaddafi. al-gaddafi must go. >> in this country, the concern is the ending per the - for the people of the
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country is it protecting the people of libya or getting rid of al-gaddafi and asking for a regime change. if that so, does that not mean boots oned ground? >> we want to protect the libyan people from air strikes . number two not only from the air but also on the ground, there are penetrating . al-gaddafi forces are different places. the liberation of libya is our job. they don't want to fight. but it was a peaceful protest. but al-gaddafi unfortunately from the beginning, he faced them with weapons. he never used tear gas. he was to crush the movement and never a peaceful moment in al-gaddafi's time.
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he learned from the egypt experience that it will not end good for the dictator. he will use everything to crush the protest and uprising against him. he sent the letter to president obama he will regret the no fly zeen. >> this moment i was watching the channel and they said the command of the forces loyal to the protector had resigned and he joined the brigade . unfortunately after the wire we found the same gentleman speaking to al-jazeera saying al-gaddafi is the man who you cannot trust him . i tell you, you will never feel safe as far as this man is in. >> hillary clinton is now speaking in france. >> before we begin, i want to
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say a few words about warren christopher. he was a friend and a mentor and truly a diplomat's diplomat. he served our country with such great distinction and so many capacities over his long and very productive life. there are a lot of days in this job when i ask myself what would warren do? from the balkans to the middle east and china and nam he helped tod guide the united states through difficult challenges with tremendous grace and wisdom. my thoughts and prayers are with his family and many, many friend and colleagues throughout our country and aroundd the world. now, this is a quick and productive trip and i want to give you a brief update and then answer your questions. first let's remember how we got here. as you know, americans and people around the world
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watched with growing concern as libyan civilians were gunned down by a government that lostt all legitimacy. the people of libya appealed for help. the arab league and the gulf cooperation council called for action. the international community came together to speak with one voice and to deliver a clear and consistent message. colonel al-gaddafi's campaign of violence against his own people must stop. the strong votes in the united nations security council underscored this unity . now, the al-gaddafi forces face unambigous terps. a cease fire must be implemented immediately and all attacks against the civilians must stop. troops must stop advancing on benghazi and pull back from adjabea and pull back from others . water and electricity and gas
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supplies must be turned on to all areas. humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach the people of libya. yesterday, president obama said clearlyy, that if al-gaddafi failed to comply with these terps, there would be consequences. since the president spoke, there is some talk from tripoli of a cease fire, but the reality on the ground tells a very different story. colorado colonel al-gaddafi continue to defy the world. his attacks on civilians go on. today we are monitoring the troubling reports of fighting and aroundd and within benghazi itself. as president obama also said, we have ever reason to fear that left unchecked al-gaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities. it is against that back drop, that nations from across the
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region and world met today here in paris to discuss the ways we can working together implement rez lusionn 1973. we all recognize that further delayy will only put more civilians at risk. so let me be very clear about the position of the united states. we will support an international coalition as it takes all necessary measures to enforce the term of rez lusionn - rez lusionn 1973. as you know, french planes are already in the skies above benghazi. now america has uniquants and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian and arab partners stop further violence against civilians including through effective
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implementation of a no fly zone. as president obama said, the united states will not deployy ground troops. but there should be no mistaking our commitment to this effort. today, i was able to discuss the next steps with the full group and smaller focus conversation with many of my colleaguings. i met first with president sarkozy and prime minister cameron. the france and united kingdom stepped forward to play a leading role in enforcing 1973. we reviewed the latestt reports from the ground and discussed how to work together most effectively in the hours and days ahead . how we , work cooperatively with our other partners including belgium, canada, denmark, germany, greece, italy, lithe ania and the netherlands and norway, poland.
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portugal. spain, turkey as well as others that are not in the long list. i also had the opportunity to engage today with my arab counter parts, including foreign ministers sabari of iraq representing the presidency of the arab summitment secretary of the arab league . prime minister of qatar . sheik of the uae . foreign minister of morrocco and foreign minister judah from jordan. we said the arab leadership and participation is crucial. the arab league showed with its pivotal statementos libya what really that meant, it changed the diplomatic landscape. they have sent another strong message by being here today and we look to them for continued leadership and
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active participation and partnership going forward. with sheik abdullah and prime minister hamid benjasim i talked of our partnership. the united states has a abiding commitment to gulf scoot and working together with our partners on our shared concerns about iranian behavior in the region. we share the view that iran's activity in the gulf including efforts to advance its agenda in neighboring countries undermines peace and stability. our gulf partners are critical to the international community's efforts to libya and we thank them for their leadership. we had a constructive discussion on bahrain. we have a decade's long friendship with bahrain that we expect to continue long in the future. our goal is a credible political process to address
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the legitimate aspirof all of the people of bahrain starting with the crown prince's dialogue which all parties should join. of course, that process should unfold in a peaceful and positive atmosphere that protects the freedom of peaceful assembly and insuring that students can go to school. businesses can operate and people have daily normal activity. my counter parts same goal in bahrain. bahrain has the same right to invite forces under the defense and security agreements. gcc also announced a major aid package for economic and social development in bahrain. we have made clear that security alone cannot resolve the challenges facing bahrain. as i said earlier this week, violence is not and cannot be
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the answer. a political process is. we have raised our concerns about the current measures directly with bahrain officials and will continue to do so. with all of these partners, we have discussed the urgent humhumpneeds arising from the crisis in libya. i thanked the arab leaders for their genius contribution to aid refugeeses fleeing al-gaddafi's violence and we agreed thoo this would be a critical concern in the days ahead. egypt and tunisia in particular will need all of our support. the united states has made significant pledges was assistance and we look to all of our allis and partheners to join us in this work. this is a fluidd and fast-moving situation which may be the understatement of the time, and i know that there are a lot of questions that people have about what next? and what will we be doing?
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so let me just underscore the key point. this is a-international effort. the world will not sit idly by while more innocent civilians are killed. the united states will support our allies and partners as they move to enforce resolution 1973. we are standing with the people of libya and we will not waver in our efforts to protect them. thank you. >> okay, hillary clinton there speaking to reporters and the rest of the world right now alongg side other leaders that are meeting in france to talk more about the big mess over libya and we will listenn to hear her questions that are raised by the press there. >> as i said. we will support the
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enforcement of 1973. we have unique capabilities to bring to the international efforts and we intend to do so. >> madame secretary, you mentioned that it is important for and crucial for arab participation and leadership. you know what that leadership is specifically and which countries will do that? >> matt, the fact that we have representitation around the and strong statements made by arab representatives is extraordinarily important. but i will leave it to them to announce their contributions, i think that is the appropriate way for any further information to be made available. >> will you expect more than them being at the table today? >> yes, we do expect more. >> secretary clinton, you have reports coming in from benghazi are that it is quiet
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and that it appears that the tanks have stopped. i know it is moving quickly i wouldn't ask you to go there but president sarkozy said the doors was diplomacy open when the aggression stop. can you explainn number one what that means? is that the view of the entire coalition and could it engage with al-gaddafi after what has happened? >> jill, i will let president sarkozy explain his own statement, but our assessment is that the aggressive actions by al-gaddafi forces, continue in many places in the country. we saw it over the last 24 hours, and we have seen no real effort on the part of the al-gaddafi forces to abide by
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a cease fire despite the rhetoric. several of the speakers around the table said forcefully they have heard the word and heard them publicly and conveyed privately and they are not true . i think our asissment is that it is time for the international community to take action to back up resolution 1973. >> the goal of the operation, is it to protect civilians or is it to remove president al-gaddafi from power. >> it is to protect civilians and to provide acess for humanitarian assistance. if you read very comprehensive rez lusionn that the security council passed, it is focused on protecting civilians from their own government.
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had the bahrain given you any indication of fighter jets over. >> i will let individual countries make the announcement. how many, is there any way that the u.s. can see libya situation resolve itself with gaddafi in play? and what would the action with the u.n. resolution mean? >> they are all questions that standing here are difficult to answer. and certainly the conditions that will unfold as we begin to enforce this resolution will make a new environment in
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which people will act including those around colonel qaddafi. i think we should take stock of where we are and how we got here and how many times the international community called on qaddafi to end the violence against his own people and to take demonstrable steps to end the aggression and pull back and time and time again, starting with the first resolution 1970, through the succeeding time period, there was no evidence that he intended to do so despite various claimms that were made . if the international community is to have credibility in this show of unity that 1973 represents, then action must take place. if you look at all of the
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possibility permitations of what could or could not happen, once the international community begins to enforce the reds lusionn there are many different outcomes . i will not speculate on what will occur. >> madame speak secretary, you don't want to talk about the steps that come next. what did the group of leaders actually to do? >> agreed to take all necessary measures including military action to enforce 1973. >> those are operational details here. it is understandable we are not going to lay out every, every asset that is pledge every action that is endorsed, but i think that the coming together under president sarkozy's leadership today, to reiterate words agreed to in the security council were more
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than just rhetorical commitments. but are translated in to specific action. some countries are more public with their specific pledges to what they are willing to do . others are looking at how they can best contribute, but the conclusion of this meeting was for me, very positive because it was a unmistakable commit tomit enforcing the 1973 provision. yes? >> what time line -- how did it - >> i think as i said, french planes were in the air as we were meeting . there will be other actions to follow. but there are no doubt that we are going to begin to enforce the resolution. >> madam secretary, qaddafi
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has run for 40 years. what is the compelling interest for the average american to taking action? >> i think there are three interests. number one, with all of the activities that colonel qaddafi engaged in, in the past, we in the united states had a very clear interest in trying to contain him and prevent him from taking both direct and indirect actions against us . our people and many others. following his decision to give up nuclear weapons in 2005 when it was finally resolved it appeared there might be a new opportunity from him to join the community.
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but unfortunately that has not borne to be true . we now have the very brutal crack down that he is conducting which reminds us all why he was considered why he was considered an outlaw in the past. it is unfortunate but it is a reality that we have to take into account. secondlyy, this has been a time of great ferment in the region and you have two counselries bordering libya, egypt and tunisia that are committed to a democratic transformation and they have long border libya and they are facing humanitarian crisis on those borders. and there is a lott of concern about the people who are still inside of libya, both libyans and third party nationals that no one can get to and
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basically unaccounted for . a very unfortunate surmise that qaddafi does not approve of democracy and the actions being taken by his neighbors which poses a lot of questions about what he might do in the future. but thirdly, the arab league and the gulf cooperation council statements and calling for action by the united nations, were of historic importance. there was a recognize by the arab countries that qaddafi had to be suspended from the arab league and even beyond that that a no fly zone and related actions had to be taken. i think it would be quite unfortunate if the international community were to have ignored those requests
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. it is in america's interest along with our european and canadian allies to forge strategic partnerships with arab nations as we move forward in this new era of change in the arab world. there are very specific reasons, and there are regional concerns and then there are in my view, very strong stradge -- strategiic rationall why the united states supported. we did not lead them and engage in unlateral action in any way. but we strongly support the international community taking action against governments and leaders who behave as qaddafi is unfortunately doing so now
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. we think that an order that can bring about this kind of unity is very much in america's interest. >> could i ask a follow up? as conditions are unfolding that will create a new environment in which people will act including those around colonel qaddafi. are you in essence giving up on influencing colonel qaddafi and aiming at people around him who support him? >> we are aiming the messages at all of the decision makers inside of libya. as you know, there are quite a number of defections, the opposition is largely led by those who defected from the qaddafi regime and formerly served it . it is certainly to be wished for that there would be more defections and that people
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will put the future of libya and the interest of the libyan people above their service to colonel qaddafi. >> may i ask a no fly wrone question. you met with mr. gareal here in paris. >> right. >> are you closer to making a decision on whether to follow the french lead in recognizing the benghazi based opposition. >> we are not ready to make a decision, we have increased our outreach and cooperation with members and leaders of the opposition. we are hourly contact with someone, but we think that the most important step for us to take now is to assist in every way that is unique to american capabilities with the enforcement of 1973 and that is after all, the principle demand of the opposition and that's what we are trying to
12:49 pm
meet. >> who is that person. you are in hourly contact. >> we a lot of people. >> with one people're person? >> no, a lot of people. >> and the president should have said a deularation of war and united states in action against lib yampt what do you think of those comments? do you think there are merits of that and would you describe what is now a war? >> no, i think the president made that clearr in a meeting with congressional leaders that he held in outlining all of the reasons why the united states was prepared to act in support of the international efforts on behalf of 1973, and of course, we would always welcome congressional support, but the president is very clearr that the united states
12:50 pm
is acting in a way that is within the existing authorities available to him. okay. thank you all. have a great night in paris, those of you who get to stay. >> okay. secretary of state hillary clinton answers questions from a room full of reporters anxious to know more about the no fly wrone and what the involvement the united states will have with the coalition as it worked hard to get qaddafi out and try to help the people of libya. let's bring back the former libya ambassador to the united states. great to see you here again. i know you are one of those who resigned in protest because you wanted to support the people who are demonstrating against qaddafi. based on what you are hearing from mrs. clinton and the president, are you encouraged? >> it is the first time we had
12:51 pm
the united nations security council conducted. i think we are waiting for a long time. there is a the people are creaming they need the help. today or this morning, i think i am more optmistic that something will be done. we need action . action against qaddafi. like yesterday, he defiant. but he invaded militarily on the way to benghazi. the action must be stop then qaddafi will go back and the people will have been out in the streets and tripoli is seized by qaddafi forces. no one can go outside. only if they were issued . the people are released from tripoli and the big cities. then they will march and demonstrate peacefully and. >> mrs. clinton called the
12:52 pm
anticipation of the arab league historicic. do you see it historic in the terps was arab support and what are you looking in terps of action from the arab league beyond sitting in the table in paris. >> it is surprising everybody. this is the first resolution takinent history of the arab league to side with the people rising against the regime. this is something new . this means only not that there is resolution. but they have to act of course and the arab countries are participating in the various summit and i think the arabs, they heard from qaddafi. here in united states and europe. he is it is rirresponsible action. 're from qaddafi. this is a good sign that the arab league came out to stand
12:53 pm
by the people. >> the mr. clinton did not say whether the united states is to support the operation in benghazi but they are in communication with the leader it is on the ground and not ready yet to stand by and said they will back the opposition specifically. >> well, i think from the united states, two things, we want them to stop qaddafi's killing people from the air and sea and ground. this is the first important thing . the second thing. we will take the responsibility to liberate our country and then the facts will speak for themselves. you will see how they are raising up against qaddafi. they are doctors and teachers and business men . i am happy to have meeting twos days go . the propaganda against the young people.
12:54 pm
they are saying they are al qaeda and underthe influence of druggings. i think the reality and the facts are strongly and the message of the people they want to change. these people deserve to have life and deserve the better future and life . better relationship with the democratic countris and government. we have been under the regime for 42 years. he and his family taking the people for granted. i think that is enough. for us and the others to get away from this man who is the only one in the history of libya after mussolina that hangs the libyans in the street and in the what they call -- i think that is too much. >> very, veryy desperate. i will bring in tony schaffer in the discussion. mr. ambassador nice to have you here on the program.
12:55 pm
based on what you are hearing from mrs. clinton and the president. how do you see the event unfolding. >> unfortunately we are making bad mistakes. we delayed the no fly zone. it should have happened when the arab league said we are doing that. >> is it too late. >> no, we allowed qaddafi two weeks to get his stuff going . another mistake. i disagree with president obama and secretary clinton. we have not clearly defined the outcome. qaddafi is on the issue. i was on sky news at the time qaddafi's government said we are going to have a truce. he's not going to stop. there is nothing in it for him to abide by what the west had said. one of my principles and the folks i deal w. always begin with the end in mind. what we have done hered ourselves in the chaos without
12:56 pm
trying to shape the chaos. what we need to do here, what are we trying to achieve. i agree with the ambassador. qaddafi did horrible things to his people and united states . pan am lockerbie . right before the disco bombings in 1985. this man has done a lot of things. all he is about is regime survival. we allowed him to have tools and we have identified a major asset that he can now manipulate, the libyan people. we have allowed him to identify them as a hostage. we would have been better off trying to sit down with the international community what are we trying to achieve here. protecting the libyan people absolutely. right now what is evolving is a civil war and the people who have now taken to the streets are essentially out of the tribes and the ambassador can confirm or deny.
12:57 pm
a lot of the tribes deposed by qaddafi 42 years ago are leading the charge. it is not a bad things. they have been on the outs and the problem is, he did what tito did in yugoslavia and he separates the people out and play them against one another. this is one point i agree with hillary clinton on, we need to be careful in how we proceed. but it is little bit late but we need to move forward carefully. >> a french fighter jet fired on a libyan vehicle and that's the want we are getting. the french fighter jets were on the way and a french jet fired on a vehicle on the ground there . what do you say to his remarks about it being a civil war? >> my explanation to the definition of the civil war is war between people . what is happening, is not
12:58 pm
civil war. this is a regime killing his people. all . people in libya set to fuel alliance to qaddafi because they have no choice. they are against him . what happening in libya is not a civil war. it is people rising up against the dictator ship and the dictatorship, they are using everything to kill them . i agree what he is saying that the main issue is qaddafi. it is qaddafi there, we don't realize our goal. the main thing how to work together with the international community to kick this man out and thination united nations, allow the force to proceed . that is what we want. qaddafi, he brings in libyans to fight with him. they have a chance, they would start on him.
12:59 pm
he's, you see what he did this morning. he bribed them to bring them in the airport . different airports. he is afraid that maybe the intelligence forces will try to hit the airport. >> human shields. and there is no way to trust him. you can't deal with him. this morning he crushes them. people 50 or 60 years old are crying like children and calling at 100 kilometer from benghazi. they say i am driving this -- , i think also i agree the international community moves very slow.
1:00 pm
they give time to give qaddafi kill more people. >> stand by. we have breaking new to bring to our viewers right now. peter is on the ground with updated news about the fighter jet that has struck a unit on the ground in lib yampt rick, what can you tell us? >> we are on the move uma and heading east of the benghazi. we don't have eyes on the city. but i can tell you that we did witness earlier today, attacks in benghazi by qaddafi's tanks and other armor and possibility aircraft to the is thes . in that city. the second largest in lib yampt i am traveling through a heavy populated area with a lot of demonstration going on we witnessed a fire jet fired down out of the sky today and flying over the opposition.
1:01 pm
a lot of the journalist were staying. germans are staying and hit the jet and knocked it out of the sky. it's not clear whether it belongs to gaddafi or opposition fighters and it's clear that the people have suffered greatly. there were widespread reports of dozens of deaths and injuries and huge clouds of smoke and hit a target on the southern side of benghazi and the latest, the troops had pulled back to the associations south of the city and we can confirm there was damage done and that gaddafi, for a cease-fire and the people were anxiously waiting for help from international assistance or enforcement of the no-fly zone and the armor. >> geraldo: taking out the citizens and
1:02 pm
civilians. >> you're going through areas with large demonstrations going on. are the demonstrators happy with the news, a no-fly zone has taken place. >> absolutely. >> it's coming to the rescue of the people there? >> yes, there's a very strong national pride. a lot of flags waving, a lot of victory signs flashing, and guns firing in the air and a very strong community spirit. and what i think is most striking here is how these people are supporting one another. it's important the opposition fighters and every check point that we've passed today heading east out of benghazi, along with many other choices fleeing the city. the check points they were passing out bottles of water and they were offering shelter and their homes for people who didn't have a place to go and they were offering cash to people who needed money and the gas stations that reported all day, was giving away the fuel all day long, didn't charge a dime for any of the fu fuel.
1:03 pm
>> all right. rick, that sounds great. obviously, people very, very happy about the news, feeling that international help it on the way there. we're getting reports now from the french government that 20 planes are being used to enforce the no-fly zone and hearing reports that fighter jets, a french fighter jet has actually fired on one unit on the ground in libya. let's go to peter barnes, right now, travelling with the president in brazil. peter, we just heard from the president talking about the details of the meeting taking place. in france, the other european leaders there along with the arab league and speaking out and saying that the united states, the national coalition, what can you tell us from your vantage point. >> that's right, uma, joining with the president of brazil, the president said the united states stands ready to help enforce the u.n. resolution that requires a cease-fire by libyan forces, by muammar
1:04 pm
gaddafi against rebels and civilians and establishes a no-fly zone over libya. >> our consensus was strong and our resolve is clear, the people of libya must be protected and in the absence of an immediate end to the violence against civilians, our coalition is prepared to act and act with urgency. >> now, president obama said that he spoke to the president of brazil on the actions and the enforcement of the u.n. resolution which may have been an awkward moment for the two leaders because brazil is a voting member of the u.n. security council this year and one of five nations that abstained in voting on that resolution and brazil did not vote to support it. white house also says that this morning at his hotel before he met, went for meetings with the president, president obama was briefed by national security advisors on
1:05 pm
the coalition's actions, including the start of flights by the french, with a french death fighters over libya to set up that no-fly zone and separately, as you mentioned, secretary of state clinton, white house aides also say that president obama here in brazil, and briefed him on her meetings with coalition members in paris this morning. uma. >> all right, peter, so you know that the president is travelling right now in brazil and he's obviously keeping close tabs on what's happening and close touch with the secretary of state. i want to bring in the ambassador once again and your he' hearing the news from the reports that we've been getting so far about, as you mentioned, french government sending over 20 planes at this point and might have been some strikes on the ground. what are your thoughts. >> and as part of the french-- making great between today, this morning and afternoon.
1:06 pm
you see how gaddafi run away and-- >> i think we see today he wants to show them just that he's reach them over there, but i think this is the last chance of his game, you know, i think he he has no more anything like that, i believe in the people because the people, are fighting and maybe they have to fight because he's killing them i think because they have a code and they will want to be free and have a better life for their children i have no hair on my head and our children, grandchildren with this regime, they must have a chance to live like any other
1:07 pm
people having a better life. >> well, you heard from our reporter on the ground there, rick leventhal saying there are lots of demonstrations in the streets, dem stations of joy from the people who are very, very happy to know a change may be on the way. that doesn't surprise you. >> of course, i saw demonstration, with the security council you know. to use the force against gaddafi's regime, it was a demonstration every day, unfortunately, the biggest city on libya, they will not be able to go out in the street. just look and see when the people in tripoli, they have a chance to go in the street and the one who has been gaddafi and carrying his flags and these people, they go out to real demonstration for the -- for their freedom, they want to see gaddafi out. they want to see him and his
1:08 pm
family leaving the country and now, if he's out, then we have a great one. >> you're expecting to see a big retreat based on what we're seeing, coming from the international and national community at this point. what does that mean, gaddafi holing up somewhere and leaving the country? what actions should we see from this man who has not left, and has held on. >> this man he's a devil, very clever, very smart. unfortunately, he's smart not in the right and the good side. it always on the bad side. this is why he managed to stay in power the last 42 years. i think he has a very limited chance now to either escape or to commit-- and give him a chance, you can't leave the country, go, follow you. there are some other institutions that will take care of you, but from our country, we just want him to leave. he's not -- look, during the the one month fighting this
1:09 pm
regime and gains, they're not being exposed like what, for example, mubarak and danati. they doesn't want them. doesn't want them. they say okay. they doesn't use tanks, against, but from the beginning this regime dealt with the people and still dealing with the people with just the sophisticated munition and guns and-- i am sure that when we get rid of this man, i can breathe, i can sleep, i can hope. >> that would be wonderful news indeed for you and your people. tony, i know that you earlier, you mentioned earlier that you actually see this as a situation where gaddafi may actually use his people as hostages. >> yes. >> you don't see this has a big retreat on his part? >> well, i agree with the the ambassador and i think a change out of this. i think you're going to see a lot of folks siding with
1:10 pm
gaddafi in their interest of regaining power. a lot of the tribes, folks he's brought on have the anticipated outcome he's going to stay in power. this is why we've said we've got to set out what our objectives are and this is for secretary clinton kind of dodged the question. she said it's a difficult question should he he stay in power or not. that's the question we have to answer. are we really looking for regime change. the u.s. called for regime change in the past and it did regarding iraq. right before iraq began and let's see, i agree with the the ambassador. muammar gaddafi is a bully. when he's confronted with force, he's backed down. after the 9/11 attacks and we took military action against afghanistan, he gave up all of his wmd. clearly he gets the message when military force is involved. this is where we have to treat things now. the we have to maintain what we were doing, we committed to this now and maintain it. redefine our end game.
1:11 pm
what do we really want to accomplish here, simply protecting the people will allow him to use them as a hostage. >> can you accomplish that regime change, without boots on the ground. >> we are on the path to bosnia, said, i believe we're on that path. i'm not saying a good or bad thing, it's kind of where this is going. in that situation the u.n. declared certain things to happen and we've signed up to the mandate and we have to look how to achieve those things with the minimal use of power and enable and maximize o our-- for the libyan people-- >> we have information to bring you. the u.s. is prepared to launch a missile attack on libyan air defenses, but american shipments and aircrafts stationed in and around the mediterranean sea did not participate in the initial french air missions today that
1:12 pm
news is breaking at this hour, jennifer griffin with more. my understanding jennifer griffin is monitoring the situation and we'll bring her later. and we'll on tore this. mr. ambassador, as you heard that the united states is prepared to launch a missile-- >> i have to see it happen before i make my-- >> knowing that. >> and for the united states to act fast for some time and now, it comes until you tell me they've been striking certain division in libya. united states seem to have a great-- with the united states, and if gaddafi -- if the united states moves that makes him real fighting, he will not stand with the united states moves strongly with the french and other alliance. >> are you disappointed by the fact that the united states has not acted sooner, but president obama has said he wanted to wait until the arab league actually got more involved and supportive in their fly zone before he would
1:13 pm
commit the united states to this action. >> the arab already decided to support a long time ago and nothing happened unfortunately. even after the agreement of the security council resolution. every, every minute that means loss of life in libya. gaddafi doesn't care how many people killed. can't imagine that somebody butchers through the surrounding city. hitting hospitals, hitting schools, hitting citizens, living their flats, and simply just because he wants it destroy everything before he leaves. this is what he did. >> you called him the devil. >> yeah, that's exactly-- >> is he a madman or cunning and do anything to hold on to power? >> i think he will do everything to retain power and he will not move by statement, he will not of move, you have to be kicked out from the -- from where he is now. otherwise, if you're not kicked out by the force, he
1:14 pm
will be more-- he will has many, he has a lot of money, he has a lot of influence in some african countries from chad, from kenya, and even some from some other countries in eastern europe, then he will never give up, this man. that's what everybody say about him. and he will be either killed or committed suicide. >> oh, that would be something if that did happen indeed. tony, lets he' talk for moment about the united states interest horrere. a lot of americans are going to be concerned if it becomes another bosnia as you predict it, to exercise in a military exercise at that point in the world knowing we're already involved in afghanistan and iraq. >> well, let's be very clear here, when we talk about the verbage in the u.n. resolution, potential for and
1:15 pm
likelihood of humanetainer boots on the ground. and hillary clinton confirmed that, that means people physically being on the ground. no matter how you couch it from here, there will be some physical presence on the ground and it may be only humanitarian, but it's inevitable that something will be there. with that in mind you've got to figure out what's necessary to protect that effort and the people that we're trying to help here. aircraft alone will not simply cut the mustard. and again, that's why i look back at bosnia, we had a similar situation where air power from wesley clark led the air campaign and it worked. we did not have to put boots on the ground until after we were able to secure that the -- the basic area we were dealing with. but i think inevitably we were talking some level of involvement. may not necessarily be the u.s. maybe foreign, our allies and that would be great. so we are going to be involved and we're the ones now asked to do heavy lifting regarding logistics and we have the biggest and best ability to do
1:16 pm
heavy lift aircraft, c-17's are wonderful and we're going to be asked to do mid early fueling. the best and another great purpose for us, but ultimately as the ambassador stated. the commitment has to be real, definitive and it has to be something that shows great resolve which, you know, frankly, i don't think we've done as good a job as we could have. i agree with the ambassador, the arab league said weeks ago, at least a week ago, hey, we're ready to support this. that was unprecedented and i think we lost an opportunity there to maybe jump a little bit ahead and say we're with them on this. because let's be honest here, thousands of people have died in the process since then, and possibility could have been saved had we jumped in earlier. but i think we need to look ultimately, as i said before. the end game. what are we trying to accomplish here? we get in trouble by the fact he we don't really look at what we want to do here. hillary clinton, secretary clinton said a lot of things can happen. we don't know the the outcome. if you don't know the the
1:17 pm
outcome focus on what you want to achieve and otherwise you may end up in a rabbit hole and may not be in the interest of-- or ultimately the interest of the libyan people. and muammar gaddafi is going to be the key here. he'll do whatever he can to retain power. that's his brilliance, retaining power and this is what we have to focus on, what we're going to do about that. >> as you see it and say the end game and how long that commitment is going to be. we're talking length of time for the long-term. >> we are. >> do does that mean, months, years, we don't know. >> look at bosnia, we're still in bosnia and if that's the model we may be there for a long time and again, may not be good or bad, but a statement of what may come out of this by the fact the people need help one way or another there. >> we're going to pause for just a moment, gentlemen, stand by and we'll continue to monitor developments out of libya and again, bringing you news that french fighter jets have actually fired on a fight
1:18 pm
on the ground in libya and we're monitoring that, 20 fighter jets from france are in the no-fly zone region and we understand that the united states prepared to launch a missile attack if need be and we'll monitor the situation and bring you more news after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ what can you do with plain mashed potatoes? let nothing stand in your way. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it,
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1:22 pm
>> welcome back everybody to fox news on this very, very busy news day. we are begin monitoring developments out of libya at this hour. and we understand it, french planes have began enforcing the no-fly zone and the united states is at the ready. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. >> reporter: we can confirm what the ap reported, u.s. naval air assets were not involved in the first strikes on libya, the planes that took out, according to french authorities took out one libyan vehicle. they were not supported at this point in time by the u.s. military, but we are told that you should expect and could expect later today u.s. assets involved. they've been heavily involved in planning and let me remind our viewers what we have based in the mediterranean right now to spore the operations in
1:23 pm
libya. you have essentially five naval vessels, two destroyers, the u.s.s. scout and the u.s.s. barry and then you also have the two amphibious warships, the u.s.s. kearsarge, you have the u.s.s. providence, a submarine, and the control ship u.s.s. mount whitney. you do not have an aircraft carrier. the enterprise crossed, is back in the fifth fleet zone in the cent-com area and they're the not in the mediterranean, towards the gulf of aden as of a few days ago, but we're also told that don't rule out the fact that that aircraft carrier, even from the position towards the gulf of aden could participate in this no-fly zone over libya. so there are plenty of assets we're told, but again, u.s. military assets not involved in these first strikes on libya. >> uma: not involved in the first strikes, but again, you're saying that you're being told that we can expect
1:24 pm
u.s. assets to be involved a little bit later? >> reporter: that's right, that could include tomahawk missiles that could be fired of course from the mediterranean. you have that submarine, the u.s.s. providence. we're going to know more later today, but as all eyes are on the skies over libya, right now, u.s. assets not involved. >> all right, jennifer griffin, great to see you, thanks for the update and we'll be checking back with you throughout the afternoon. gordon chang is an author, and joins us from new york. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> uma: let's talk for a moment what you have been witnessing the last hour or so in terms of the developments out of libya. what are your thoughts at this hour, knowing that the u.s. stands at the ready? >> well, the united states is in a difficult position right now, because we have the french planes enforcing the no-fly zone, that's 20 planes, denmark, canada, norway said they'll throw in about 15 planes, you know, 35, 40
1:25 pm
planes is not enough to enforce the no-fly zone. we have the enterprise in the red sea, as jennifer griffin just mentioned. i think at some point, the no ply zone will need reenforcement and really it's going to be the united states to do that. whether you call it mission creep or whatever, it appears that the united states is going to be much more deeply involved. >> uma: and that's what tony schaeffer has been saying this afternoon here in our studios, that the united states is going to be more deeply involved and the implication of that, runs deep because right now, we are involved in two other military situations, one being iraq and the other afghanistan. and what are your thoughts in terms of moving forward and knowing that we still don't know what the end game is here? >> well, the united states, and i think lt. colonel schaeffer made this clear and it's something that hasn't been discussed for quite some time. we're dealing with not just a dictator, we're dealing with a dictator who has killed americans in great numbers and on various occasions in the past and the united states has an interest in bringing
1:26 pm
gaddafi to justice. whether that's the international criminal court or whether it's a federal district court in the united states. this is something that we cannot just ignore. i know no one wants to talk about it, but as secretary clinton said, that gaddafi is someone that the international community cannot deal with. and so, this is a game where we have to win. >> uma: so, that means regime change and if we do have that regime change, then, who will the world community be dealing with when and if he leaves? the fact that we have opposition forces there on the ground hoping to make a major difference in the future of libya, we still don't know who some of the major players are. >> well, there is a national transition council that was formed about two weeks ago. the french have recognized it. and clearly, they do not control the territory of libya and probably are not the legitimate government of libya, but nonetheless, as secretary clinton said during her news conference, that we are in contact hourly with the
1:27 pm
opposition figures in the eastern part of libya. and so, we know who the players are. i think that if there is a will, there certainly is a way for the united states to work with the people in libya who want to get rid of gaddafi. >> i'm not saying we don't, i'm talking about the general public. obviously the administration has been dealing in this point saying hour by hour with the opposition forces there, but certainly, we would hope that whoever comes to power if gaddafi leaves is going to be a leader that the world community can deal with. >> well, there's no guarantees in this situation because as has been pointed out, we have let the situation go for maybe far too long, it's become much too confused. the opposition has splintered in the last week or so with gaddafi's advances, but this is a situation where we just have to deal with it. we take situations as we find them. not as we would like them to be and the united states does have an interest in seeing
1:28 pm
gaddafi go. if for no other reason than to bring him to justice. >> gordon, thank you very much. we're going to take a quick break, when we come back we'll hear more from our reporter on the ground in libya, has been doing a remarkable job this morning and afternoon. rick leventhal who updates us on what's happening there now that the no-fly zone is in force. more after the break. don't go away. capital one has asked yours truly to talk about the venture card "match my miles" challenge. they're so confident their miles are better, they'll match the miles you've eard on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right?
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1:32 pm
>> welcome back everybody, this is a fox news alert. let's update you now where things stand in libya at this hour. an official is saying a french fighter jet fired on a military vehicle. in brazil. president obama warning colonel gaddafi the international community will act with urgency to shield libyans. and secretary of state hillary clinton is saying that
1:33 pm
gaddafi's forces face an ambiguous term and all attacks against civilians must stop. the u.s. prepared to launch a missile attack on libya's air strength. and two ships and submarine along with the fleet to act if necessary. >> and rick leventhal with the latest from his vantage point. what can you tell us? >> well, we've moved to a secure location in the suburbs of a town east of benghazi. we were there this morning when it came under attack from gaddafi's army, we were shelled by tanks, there was incoming fire, some believe from a ship out in the mediterranean and as we've been reporting, we witnessed a fighter jet being shot down out of the sky. what we don't know whether or not that jet belonged to gaddafi's military or to rebel forces that we do know had a couple of jets at their disposal and the jet was hit by and the aircraft fire and
1:34 pm
crashed in a neighborhood south of benghazi, it exploded. there were a number of fires burning there and many of the residents fleeing benghazi when the fighting got fierce this morning and it was a strange sensation knowing that when we went to bed last night, that gaddafi's army had supposedly engaged outside of the city there and the deputy foreign minister said they would not enter the city and honor the cease-fire and then we woke up to shells within a couple hundred yards of the hotel and they were not observing the cease-fire, they were unleashed on the population of benghazi, strong opposition forces. and there were reports of dozens of people killed and dozens wounded and i spoke to a man who was leaving benghazi who told me his house was almost hit by a shell and that his neighbor's baby was killed. and it's a situation of events, but at the same time we saw resolve, steely resolve
1:35 pm
in the eyes and actions of the opposition forces who manned check points and positions within benghazi and returned fire against the army. which at last report may have retreated back to some position south of the city limits, uma. >> uma: you know, rick, fox is confirming that the u.s. is prepared to launch missile attacks on libya and i know that as you were heading to a location that you were coming across big demonstrations out there in the streets in libya where people now that they know that the no-fly zone is enforced and they're going to get international help including from the united states, great jubilation in the air. >> absolutely, yeah, this is something that they have been calling for and waiting for and in fact, were getting angry and frustrated that help was not coming sooner because the family and friends and neighbors were dying and have died. and it's hard to say how many. when we spoke to a rebel commander yesterday.
1:36 pm
who had come, he said 30 killed on friday alone in fighting there. this is after the cease-fire had been declared. so, these people have been waiting for help, wondering when it was coming and they're definitely pumped up and they're going to get some international assistance now, they are firing their weapons in the air and they're honking their horns, flashing victory signs and expressing a lot of appreciation for the fact that they're finally getting some help. >> and rick leventhal, thank you so much, and you and the crew doing a terrific job out there for us. we want you to stay safe and check back with you later on. >> thank you, uma. >> this is new video. take a look we've got video showing over libya and earlier one dead and fired on a vehicle on the ground there.
1:37 pm
let's bring in the ambassador, as you're awaiting word on whether or not-- we're reporting from jennifer griffin it could happen later today. yeah, of course, this is possible that the waiting and that time for that and they want to see the actions and sure that after the people in libya, very alive and they're celebrating as you see. we want to see and the libyan people want to see the american action. they are very, very interested to see that. when they have gaddafi alive and the americans start hitting his posts that's when
1:38 pm
i think-- >> tony, talk about some of the u.s. assets that could be used in this operation. what can you tell us about the missiles that may be deployed at this point? >> jennifer griffin had it correct. i think i would hazard to say at this moment on the u.s.s. providence, the submarine if not already, they're getting ready to launch aircraft, ready to launch surface to surface missiles, the tomahawks or some class of cruise missiles, approximately 50 sa-6 weapons and this is the same that was deployed in bosnia. and frankly since the french have put up aircraft there, i have to say this is the one thing we will do and predict going on a limb here, i think in the next one or two hours you'll hear about the anti-aircraft sites hit. along the same line, in the interest of both the libyan people and the europeans, we've got to look how to
1:39 pm
protect critical infrastructure of the libyan country. now, i know this may sound selfish, but it really is not. the libyan people will have to find a way to continue to have a growing and sustaining economy. the way to do this, to preserve the means of production, muammar gaddafi threatened to destroy on his way out anything he can, so if he sees momentum changing i wouldn't put it pass him for him to pull what saddam hussein did on the withdrawal to kuwait, to do destruction on the infrastructure. >> uma: to go after the oil-- >> on the ways of production, the way you put it on the ships may be targets for the military and this is something we have to be cognizant of and 20 airplanes in the french ain't going to cut it. if we're going to make this a credible no-fly zone look at military targets, infrastructure, protection of the people as we move down the path here to take cause of action. >> uma: mr. ambassador, do you agree that gaddafi is the not going down without a fight.
1:40 pm
he will target the oil refineries and those sites where he can do the most damage can be done to the libyan people? >> i'm agreeing with tony what he he said. gaddafi, he will hit the, unfortunately, the oil system, the oil installation, he will leave nothing for the libyans to survive. and we must, the international, through all means that to, to find and to-- and to surveillance the movements of the gaddafi forces. he will try, maybe he will try the wells, maybe the-- this is very important. i think this is a responsibility of also the international forces, that to let through stop gaddafi from hitting. and the other thing, i believe, as far as now the international force have to act. we have to make this... if it
1:41 pm
is not taking, if it take long time, i think all of us will pay a very, very high price for that. casualties, destroying. oil facilities, the price in the world will go up and this action must be be quick and fast and in front of what doing again. >> uma: when you say fast, we're talking about within 24 to 48 hours, tony, what are you talking about here, fast and make a significant impact. >> the ambassador is completely correct. we've been doing things inkrmei increment incrementally. i think the door has been open for more than a week now to do more positive action. if we dither, take our time. rabbit holes, we know there's blind alleys to go down. and we have to achieve it quickly. this will minimize the loss of life. it will minimize the expense. look we're on the hook now, we are on board and we have to
1:42 pm
support a lot of effort. the quicker we get it done, the less chance we'll put five years in like in iraq or ten years like in afghanistan. we've got to be precise, got to be quick and whatever is going to happen we have to force happen as quickly as possible. >> uma: gentlemen, stand by, we're going to come back reports out of libya and we're monitoring the situation there as french fighter jets enforce the no-fly zone and we're hearing that the united states a waiting to take action to fire a missile if necessary and that the u.s. may use its assets a little later on today. we're going to be standing by for that and much more after this. don't go away. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you n get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. ke sure to look for the white check. >> welcome back everybody. a fox news alert. a map showing you the region
1:47 pm
we are talking about. and breaking news at this hour, and jennifer griffin standing by and with more on the u.s. assets involved in the operation. we knew that the president's trip to russia. he'll postpone with regard to the libyan operation and here is what you can expect in the coming hours. >> and what we're being told is from a senior military source, expect tomahawk, american tomahawks to be used as soon as it's dark in over libya and you can expect this tomahawk and fired to the u.s. destories in the mediterranean and the u.s.s. stout and the u.s.s. berry and submarine, u.s.s. providence. those tomahawks will take out
1:48 pm
the air defense systems of colonel gaddafi and the sources tell us at the pentagon they do know the expect that operation to take very long, but again it will be tomahawks used most likely after dark, to minimize the collateral damage. if you look how they've gone down in iraq after previous operations, that is, that they usually start after dark in order to minimize collateral damage, but again, i'm being told that tomahawks will be used and targeting gaddafi's air defense systems. and i'm also told that the u.s.s. enterprise the only carrier strike group in the region has not been ordered back into the mediterranean and will not be involved in the current operations over libya. >> uma: jennifer griffin, updated from the pentagon. and it's about eight o'clock in libya, and operations after dark. we'll take another quick break and more with breaking news on libya at this hour. don't go away. [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way
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>> we are back now with this fox news alert. gun, telling you the area of the no-fly zone that's going to be enforced. right now the french have
1:53 pm
already sent jets to enforce this no-fly zone over libya and we understand that the united states is prepared to launch assets, probably tomahawk missiles to aid in the no-fly zone and hear that jennifer griffin with the developments, that we can expect to see action from the united states after dark when the evening sets in there, that we are expecting to hear and to know more about the u.s.'s role in launching missiles, at some targets in libya and something we're monitoring closely. let me bring in the former libyan ambassador once again along with tony schaeffer to explain from your point of view at this moment. you really believe once this goes into full speed that you're going to see a major retreat from muammar gaddafi, you really believe that? >> yeah of course, and tracking them, they reach, they reach only 50 kilometers,
1:54 pm
they will stop them and make them retreat after the air strike. and they have now the advantage of no air strike, the advantage of the we have not playing a major role. i think they will march and even gaddafi-- they will have a different position to be before when they see the international community that came and act against the gaddafi regime. >> uma: and it's clear the united states is involved and in launching the missiles, you believe that's going to have more impact. >> even for the most part of the people. when they called, they called among the united states. they don't call among any other name. when they call from libya, and libya, they go what are they doing? what is is mr. obama doing, he he come, he he he should help us. and then this is the call to the united states. the united states there, they ha
1:55 pm
have-- that will not be like iraq, other countries. and this regime for a very long time and they're not working in capacity and people have no faith in the country and even now forget that they have hunt called libya because the practice of this regime against them every day. >> uma: quickly in a few seconds we have left. mr. ambassador, speaking from the heart this has been an agonizing journey for you to witness what is happening to your country, to know that people you have spend time with have been killed or injured on the ground there. give me a sense of what it has been like for you? >> one single hope, one single hope to see gaddafi out of libya by all means, the only hope. after that, if i die, if i have some time to live in a free country that will be about. >> uma: that is your dream. tony schaeffer we're going to see strikes from tomahawk missiles. talk about the impact of those missiles. >> first off, i think as they predicted very quick, sa-6
1:56 pm
taken out quickly. they've been preening for weeks. not a surprise they're ready to go. two things, the end game, what do we want to achieve here. and be clear and do it as rapidly as possible. if i were skt gates i'd move the enterprise in. and this is where i believe the powell doctrine, to use force, whether you're right or wrong, if you're chosen force as a means, do it and quickly. >> uma: gentlemen, thank you for being here today and standing by and watching the developments out of libya. mr. ambassador i hope you'll have a big smile on your face after you get news of the help from the united states. >> today, and-- >> all the best. that's going to do it for me in washington and america's news headquarters rolls on. stand by, jamie colby and kelly wright are standing by from new york to take over from here. thank you for joining us.
1:57 pm
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